Success Stories

Case Studies of significant achievements

ARPS has several achievements in both recruitment and outsourced projects for several large and small clients. The notable success stories for major clients in brief are:

Case Study – Recruiting – Electric Drivetrain and Transmissions

A Fortune 100 manufacturing client (OEM) invited us to work on 31 highly technical positions for a new development program with electric drivetrain and transmissions. For these 31 positions, they also invited 11 other agencies and many of these had been working with the client for several years. Despite the intense competition from entrenched competitors, our performance was the most outstanding among the 12 recruiting companies. We filled 14 of the 31 positions (about half of open positions), while others filled only 5 of 31 open positions, with remaining positions filled by client or cancelled. In addition another 7 positions were filled by us later, making a total of 21 positions filled with a single client within a three year period.

Case Study – Recruiting – Electric Vehicle

A subsidiary of international conglomerate, invited us to work on several positions for electric vehicle technologies including electronic hardware, embedded software and mechanical. Within a short span of about 18 months, we successfully placed 23 engineers in this field

Case Study – Recruiting – Engineering and Manufacturing

ARPS International also worked recently with a large global manufacturer operating over 150 facilities in 29 countries for their technical and manufacturing positions. The client had difficulties in filling positions due their interior, non-metro location. In a short span of last 3 years, ARPS placed 25 candidates. ARPS placed more candidates than total of all other agencies engaged by the client, in this period.

Case Study – Outsourced Engineering and Design

ARPS International has been working with a large engineering, design, manufacturing and tooling company for over 6 years. ARPS successfully completed over 50 outsourced projects in areas of engineering and design for automotive, truck, aerospace, equipment and other industries.